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Web Release Notes: April 18, 2019

Release Notes

  • If you have a javascript disabled in your browser, the app won’t work well, if at all. We’re usually pretty good at detecting when it’s disabled and showing a lovingly crafted message asking you to re-enable javascript so we can carry on. Except for some pages in the My Account area. Things would just break and look weird, with no lovingly crafted message telling you what’s going on. We’ve now extended the coverage of the twice aforementioned lovingly crafted message to include the My Account pages.
  • If you selected “Make Recurring” for the date of an existing transaction, we were so eager to create your scheduled transaction we forgot to save any changes you may have made to the transaction you just made recurring. Now we save your changes, then go about creating the scheduled transaction.
  • Improved CSS loading performance, which improves app loading performance, which improves perceived loading time. I mean, if we’re being honest.