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Web Release Notes: April 16, 2020

Release Notes

So, we’ve had a busy week here at ye olde Y-N-A-B. Also, we don’t ever call it that, but hey, now is as good a time as any to bring out your inner pirate/old-timey shopkeeper. Avast! Look at all these glorious updates:

  • Although not every user will see this right away, we’ve made a ton of improvements to our direct import flow as it pertains to switching import providers. I don’t want to say that we overhauled it, but we definitely didn’t underhaul it either.
  • We’ve updated the text in our direct import connection dialogs to let users know about potential issues connecting to institutions because stimulus check deposits are slowing down some banks.
  • We no longer strip accented characters from the budget name when exporting your budget.
  • We fixed the tooltips on the spending trends chart.
  • We uncovered a user with bad data, where a debt account’s name differed from its payment category’s name. That user was unable to edit their payment category goal, because subcategory name validation was silently failing. This fix prevents name validation from executing except when the name is actually modified. This does not fix the bad data itself, which the user is already able to do, but it will allow them to update goals without having to fix this name issue first.