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Web Release Notes: April 14, 2020

Release Notes

Good morning. Like most of us, I’m super distracted right now. I just found out that the new Instant Pot does sous-vide. THE GAME HAS CHANGED, folks. This is like that part in Jurassic Park where the raptors figured out how to open doors. Also, we’ve got some nice fixes and improvements that we’ve pushed out today!       

  • Just in time for Easter, we’ve added some new colors for the Spending Totals and Trends graphs to make the different categories easier to distinguish. Wait. We MISSED Easter?!!!
  • If you’re a regular reader of our Release Notes, you may have noticed that we jumped the gun on announcing some visual updates to the Reports header a few weeks ago (or maybe it was last week?). Well, now, we’ve actually shipped those visual changes where we’re being a little more judicious in our use of the color green and with our pill shapes as well. Consider the gun unjumped!
  • In the Manage Payees screen, you have the option to click to show transactions that are using a particular payee. In some cases, for scheduled transactions, the date being shown would be the first date that a scheduled transaction was…um…scheduled for rather than the next date it was scheduled for. Dates are hard!
  • You may have occasionally experienced an error when opening menus or modals and then trying to add an account. Whoopsies! We fixed this. You know what? Menus and modals are also hard!