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October 28th, 2021

Release Notes

A lot of you have noticed our gradual release of the new features to help you track and pay down your mortgages and loans… with this release we’re finalizing this phased release for the last accounts that remained. We’re really excited by the first impressions you’ve been sending our way, and by seeing some of you already start to budget more money to pay down loans faster!

All the details about these new features, including some amazing examples from our internal testing team, can be found in this blog post. As for these release notes, we’ll remain brief:

  • Added new loan account types, including: mortgages, student loans, auto loans, personal and other.
  • Added monthly interest estimation on loan accounts when making a payment.
  • Added a new category target for loan payments with payoff date and total interest estimation.
  • Visual changes to the inspector for categories paired with a loan account to show the benefits of budgeting more money towards paying down a loan.
  • New visual design for loan accounts to add a pay down calculator.
  • Added an upgrade banner message for liability tracking accounts to migrate them to a loan account.