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March 30th, 2021

Release Notes

For those of you scratching your heads trying to remember where you moved money from last week (or last month…or yesterday…or an hour ago…), our new Money Moves feature signifies the dawn of a new era. More feature details over on the YNAB blog!

We’ve also built in some brains to the beloved Underfunded Quick Budget button. Clicking Underfunded will now assign all remaining dollars from To be Budgeted to categories in order of priority. As part of the update, a new button will appear in your Quick Budget options when it’s relevant: Reduce Overfunding.

Today’s release also brings more at-a-glance clarity to your Spending by Date goals on web: progress bars & their descriptions now take into account all spending since the goal was created, not just spending in the current month. If you’re on track with your Spending by Date goal and have done a little spending (hello, spring wardrobe!), you’ll now see those details to the right of your category name.