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June 24th, 2021

Release Notes

Brace yourself fellow YNABers, we’ve got a big one today. So big in fact that I am going to use bullet points, because what better way to ensure each of these enhancements gets their time in the sun? It’s like giving each one of them their own personal beach chair—can you tell I’ve been craving some time at the seashore? Anyways: 

  • Ever wish you could import transactions all in one fell swoop from the All Accounts register? Now you can. Look for the new “Bank Import” button in the toolbar and import away! Also in the toolbar in all registers, not just All Accounts, you’ll notice that we’ve folded the Filter menu into the View menu. Same options, now all in one place. 
  • Do you use File-Based Import? Do you know about File-Based Import? If the answer is no, it might be because previously it wasn’t that obvious that File-Based Import was even an option! No longer. In each account register you’ll now notice a “File Import” button that will get you started. We’ve also renamed the current “Import” button to “Bank Import” (if you haven’t yet set up Direct Import for that account it will appear as “Link Account”). 
  • Balance adjustment transactions made from the Edit Account screen will now enter as cleared. Previously they entered as uncleared and that was confusing. No longer! We also edited some of the copy on that screen to clarify which balance it is that you’re actually adjusting. 
  • YNAB will now automatically distribute any money leftover in a split transaction between the designated  categories. This semi-secret option has long been available in the mobile apps  and now you  can take advantage of it on the web as well.
  • We’ve added Undo/Redo buttons to Manage Payees! Accidentally merge two payees that should be distinct? Never fear! You can now undo and redo to your heart’s content. We’ve also added a clear button to the search bar and a counter to show how many transactions will be impacted by a payee merge. Pro-tip: click that counter to see the full list of transactions as they appear in the register. 
  • When entering a new transaction, should you choose a payee that is already associated with a particular category, we’ll scroll directly to that category in the designated popover so you can easily see its balance. Do I have enough money in my vacation category for this sweet beach trip? Yes, yes in fact I do. 
  • We’ve improved the alerts, options, and behavior present when you attempt to save a transaction without a category assigned. We’ve also made some changes to the automatic category assignment logic to reduce the likelihood of inadvertently categorizing a transaction to a hidden category, which can wreak havoc on your budget.
  • Last but certainly not least, we’ve made a few small copy changes to the Add Account screen and a variety of tooltips to improve clarity and utility. 
  • Okay… truly last (and still not least), we have a few fixes as well: we fixed a couple incorrect colors and widths in the overspending message in classic mode and we sped up transaction fetching through the API. 

You made it to the end! That should definitely count toward your Goodreads annual reading challenge.