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8 Nov 2016

Release Notes

  • Got some stuff in place for mobile functionality down the road.
  • Alexa now supports UK English. The One True English.
  • Polished up reports based on fantastic feedback from people like you.
  • We now show transfers to Tracking Accounts in the spending totals/trends report.
  • There was a bug where your Net Worth would drop even when it shouldn’t have. I had a funny joke to go along with this, but is there anything funny about net worth dropping? No there’s not.
  • We fixed a bug around the count of split transactions when filtering.
  • We’re slowly introducing a feature where you don’t have to leave YNAB to look up how to do things in the app AND it’s clearer how you can write in to chat with our crack support reps.
  • We did a lot of behind the scenes work that goes unnoticed individually, but in the aggregate makes all the difference.
  • To our friends all over the US: Vote!