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8 Mar 2016

Release Notes

  • We introduced a new popup when you click on the Activity number for one of your credit card payment categories. It should provide a lot more clarity around credit cards and how we handle them in YNAB. Excited for this one. To enable this feature, we’re doing recalculations on everyone’s budgets over the next 24 hours or so. Until those calculations are complete, you may see ‘…’ for numbers in that popup requiring the new calculations.
  • If you create a budget goal for a month in the future, we don’t show that goal in the current month.
  • There were a few niggly bugs we fixed around goal calculations relating to credit card activity.
  • There were goals with a target month of January that weren’t retaining that target month. Goals start (and end?) in January, so that didn’t make sense.
  • A few other small calculation fixes.
  • We added some generic payee names that will skip payee rename rules.
  • We’re working on the underpinnings of some tech that will let us slowly bleed out features for release. Catch bugs early and often. That kind of thing.
  • We now show the memo column in the category Activity popup.