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7 Sep 2016

Release Notes

  • When you delete a budget, we made it so you could actually see the name of the budget you were deleting – in two places, which is better than the zero places before.
  • We fixed a bug (that we had just created) where we weren’t warning you that a transaction needed a category when it, in fact, needed a category.
  • The web app and mobile apps weren’t always referring to scheduled transactions in the same way, which could lead to disagreement, at least between your apps. They’re now in perfect agreement.
  • We added some more generic payees to ignore when matching transactions. We’re going to keep doing this.
  • When running calculations, we now make sure sub-transactions are always grouped with parent transactions. Otherwise, the calculations could be (to use a technical term) “off”. Now they won’t be.
  • If you scrolled even moderately quickly through a long list of register transactions, you could get a lag and a screen full of white space – so we cut the screen rendering time in half (meaning you can still make this happen, but seriously, you don’t need to scroll that fast. Cut it out.)
  • Bulk renaming of imported transactions will now only rename transactions you have not yet approved. This is better than renaming your old, already spruced-up transactions, which happened to a few folks (yikes!)
  • And, as usual, a few other smaller bug fixes and optimizations that make your budget better, but would only make this set of release notes longer.