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6 Jan 2017

Release Notes

  • Getting started is half (most? all?) of the battle, so we’ve been hard at work on supports for brand-new users. We’ll begin rolling those out today, a little bit at a time.
  • Our Undo button has always looked too much like a Refresh button. We made it better. And labeled it. You know, with the word Undo. So. Much. Better. (Of course, the Redo button got similar love.)
  • We fixed an issue where, by re-sizing your window, you could make the Filter menu and Search box float around where they didn’t belong.
  • Since the launch of our new website, we’ve found a few straggling links that led to nowhere. Links to nowhere are not helpful, so we fixed ‘em up.
  • We recognize that, when you’re searching for a number with the “Find any field” search, you’re probably looking for the number in front of the decimal. So now that’s what we’ll show you.
  • And, as always, a few invisible-to-the-eye improvements to security and back-end performance.

UPDATE: Part of our first release today made it impossible to use Reconciliation, which (like a link to nowhere) was not helpful. Our second release delivered the fix. Reconcile away!