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28 June 2017

Release Notes

  • You know you can cmd-click (ctrl-click on Windows) links to open them in new browser tabs, right? It works for most browsers. Except it didn’t work on account names listed in the sidebar. It does now. (You can also cmd-click your browser’s back button. We had nothing to do with that but people will be amazed when you show them.)
  • Better behavior surrounding reconciled transactions needing approval. When importing transactions, if any of them got matched to reconciled transactions we’d sometimes hide the approval icon/column.  As part of this change, any reconciled transactions that need approval will be included in the “X transaction(s) need(s) to be approved or categorized.” alert message and count badge shown next to accounts on the sidebar.  There’s more to it than that, but if I went into greater detail you’d only be left wondering why you took the time to read it. Instead you can now simply bask in the satisfaction of knowing that reconciled transactions needing approval now work much better.
  • Remember those 01 June 2017 release notes? The one with the Pinocchio reference that no one got? Yes, that’s the one. We made mention of an updated credit card payment flow we were rolling out slowly. Well, now everyone has it. And now no one feels special.
  • Transaction rows behave both more civilly and generously. When adding or editing a transaction sometimes its button row would impolitely obscure the transaction below. Now the transaction being edited politely asks the transaction below if it would be so kind so as to make some room for its button row, and the transaction below always selflessly obliges.
  • A hand-wavy mention of mobile performance improvements which will leave you with a general feeling of contentment with the mobile apps, but nothing you can really put your finger on.
  • Fixed a bunch of silly little things that seem obvious in retrospect.
  • More secret stuff we won’t mention other than to mention that we won’t be mentioning it.