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28 Feb 2017

Release Notes

This was one of our biggest polish releases in quite some time! So while we only give you the highlight reel here, there was a whole lot done behind the scenes.

  • We made some improvements to our sync algorithm for more reliability.
  • There are some fantastic behind-the-scenes improvements to our Direct Connect with Banks feature.
  • We can’t wait to get this into your hands!
  • We polished up the styling around hidden category names that are very, very long. You people love descriptive category names.
  • Some keyboard action polish around a payee or category dropdown losing its focus and where that focus should land next.
  • In Firefox, we fixed a bug where the Budgeted textbox was unclickable if the row was draggable.
  • With scheduled transactions, we’ve made sure the system can only create one transaction for each date.
  • If you don’t have any accounts set up, we now handle that with a bit more grace and aplomb.
  • And hey, we bumped up a few ticks in our Rails version