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27 Oct 2016

Release Notes

The Reports Report

A few post-launch fix-ups and polish for the new Reports…

  • The Income v Expense report now includes transactions from closed accounts. Closed account transactions are transactions, too.
  • Any transaction categorized as Inflow: To be Budgeted will now be classified as Income on the Income v Expense report. Because, well, the name says it all.
  • All reports will now extend only to the current month, since you can’t really report on spending that hasn’t happened yet.
  • We fixed a calculation bug that could lead to some incorrect numbers on the Net Worth report. Fixing this bug was totally worth it.
  • It used to be that with all categories selected, and drilling down into a category, then filtering out to select multiple categories that are not the category that was drilled down into, all categories weren’t showing. They should have been, except of course for the filtered out ones. That’s fixed. (That’s not easy to follow, but we never said we wouldn’t fix edge cases.)
  • We also fixed a bug that could result in Search not finding transactions with decimals correctly. Decimals are pretty common, even if this bug wasn’t.
  • And finally: Net Worth, trend line. That’s it.