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26 May 2016

Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where the account name of a closed account could never be used again. For habitual account opener/closers, it made for some tough renaming patterns (Checking1, Checking2, CheckingWhyThisBug?!, etc.).
  • We no longer save imported payees to your payee list if they were just matched & approved with manual transaction. Bank payee “AUTO IMPORT UNHELPFUL BANK PAYEE” matches with payee “Delightful Desserts” and we get rid of the unhelpful payee from your payee list.
  • Bank file import is now in live testing. This means we’ve rolled it out to YNAB team members, and will stress test it with ~40 of us, If it’s looking solid (it passed QA, so it’s got legs!), we will start ramping it up for a percentage of users. Hopefully the ramp up happens fairly quickly because heaven knows a lot of you have been patiently waiting for this since we launched the new YNAB.
  • We’re doing a lot of behind the scenes work for full migration of YNAB data. We’re seeing a lot of strange data come across on imports, so we’re prepping for those edge cases. It’s looking pretty good and we hope to have it fully rolled out soon.
  • We now only include an uncategorized transaction warning for open accounts. We were including closed accounts and shouldn’t have been.
  • Category balances were truncating in the category dropdown and we’re now preventing that.
  • Filtering by notification was off at times. That’s been fixed.
  • If you were entering a split transaction in a budget account, and then changed it to a tracking account, we wouldn’t remove the split, even though tracking accounts don’t have categories. We now enforce it appropriately.