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26 Jul 2016

Release Notes

The Stranger Things Edition

Stranger Things

  • You probably didn’t notice, but the budget header would shift its elements from side to side a bit when navigating months. It was strange and we fixed it.
  • Scheduled transactions had multiple instances of very strange behavior, especially around duplicate firings of a transaction. Fixed!
  • Something secret.
  • For folks just coming to YNAB, we’ve made the app a bit more welcoming, with nice little tidbits to teach new folks our Strange Ways.
  • This was pretty strange (of you to do), but if you hit Enter twice quickly while adding a category, the app would crash. Now you can hit Enter twice quickly and the app does not crash.
  • Now, when you Fresh Start a budget (who hasn’t?!), we carry over the monthly notes. In case you’d written something super sentimental (or witty) in there.
  • We were allowing folks to add and import transactions to closed accounts. Strange we ever did it that way in the first place.
  • And something really exciting, we’re now consistently and automatically formatting TypeScript files in our shared library. Hey-o! Party hats on!