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25 Sep 2017

Release Notes

Monday releases are cool because they add a modicum of shine to an otherwise universally derided day. Unless you’re the one writing the release notes. Then it’s every bit a Monday. Please calibrate your expectations of these notes accordingly.


  • For the product team the first day of the month (FOTM) can be somewhat harrowing. When the month rolls over we do a bunch of calculations to summarize the previous month and prepare for the next. To understate the issue this can cause some stress on our beloved database while it catches up. We have a few knobs to turn and settings to tweak to help it along, and if you imagine The Great and Powerful Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain that would be a fair approximation of what we look like on the FOTM. Well, with October 1 looming, we’ve identified and addressed some performance bottlenecks in those FOTM calcs, and generally made the process more efficient. It’s likely not the end of the story but we’re getting closer to not caring about month rollovers.
  • Direct Import gets some love in the form of a “Skip” button that allows you switch to adding an account manually. The “Continue” button has the same effect when your institution search yields no results. And if you selected an institution from the list the “Back” button takes you back to search, unless you got a credentials error before you clicked “Back”, in which case we take you back to the banks list. Got it? Good, there will be a quiz tomorrow.

Bug Fixes

  • File Based Importing (affectionately known as FBI) had an issue when dragging and dropping files in Firefox. That’s fixed now so you won’t see the FBI overlay appear when it shouldn’t.
  • When you focus on a field we automatically select the text in that field so you can just start typing. Efficient, right? Not so much in Safari 11. When you select text in Safari 11 it fires its focus event. We see that focus event and select the text, which causes Safari 11 to fire its focus event, and ’round and ’round we go. That’s fixed now; you’re free to use Safari 11 with impunity.