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25 May 2017

Release Notes

  • We were delaying Age of Money calculations in certain situations in order to get a handle on the performance issues we encountered a few weeks back. It didn’t make much of a difference so we’re welcoming back real-time AOM calcs! (Please don’t make a big deal about it as AOM is feeling a bit sensitive about its unwarranted demotion.)
  • We’re slowly rolling out a new feature to help with managing your payee list.  We’re collecting feedback and ensuring it is rock solid, all the while.
  • Unused payees are not used. Cute, huh? In a nutshell, if you change a transaction’s payee and that payee is no longer used, we don’t show it in the payee list anymore. Consequently, mobile get a slight performance boost.
  • On the subject of mobile performance, we’ve slimmed down the payload for calc-only syncs from mobile which makes these syncs a lot faster, putting less of a strain on our beloved database in the process. This has nothing to do with “middle-out” nor Weissman scores, but that would be cool if it did.
  • A bunch of other stuff we shouldn’t even mention because it will just frustrate you that we broach the subject but don’t really give you any substantive information about it.