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25 Mar 2016

Release Notes

  • We updated our humans.txt file. I had to find out exactly what that is.
  • We’ll now only attempt to import “active” transactions from our direct connect transaction provider. We’ve improved the detection of duplicate transactions when directly importing from your bank.
  • Fixed an issue where the split button wasn’t working in Chrome.
  • Made it a bit easier for folks on the trial to see where they should go to subscribe.
  • We now prevent disabled transfer payees. You could get in a state where the category would be disabled, but still show it was categorized.
  • The credit card activity popup was rendering strangely in IE. We explored the internet, found the problem, and fixed it for fellow internet explorers.
  • Also, you’ve probably already seen our tweets, or perhaps the status page, but I am so sorry for the outage yesterday. It was completely my fault, and the worst part of it was that the mistake was made quickly, but the fix took hours to jump to every part of the internet in its propagation. I can’t remember the last time I did something so dumb (that was work-related). We’ve implemented a new policy so this won’t happen again. The policy is that I no longer have access to our domain registrar. Other than that, March 24th was a pretty normal day.