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24 Oct 2016

Release Notes

  • Reports are in and available to everyone. Blog post here.
  • Search is in and available to everyone.
  • This push added some nice polish to reports, based on feedback from early folks.
  • We now allow the matching of transactions with different amounts. Thank you to those that wrote in with very clear use cases for this!
  • We polished up the matching of transactions  across accounts, for the unlikely situation where your partner perhaps dutifully logged all of their transactions on their phone (victory!) but did it to the wrong account (a small skirmish lost!) and you don’t have the heart to tell them that all of their work was almost, but not quite, perfect. Instead, you’ll just match up the imported transaction with their dutifully-entered-by-their-phone transaction and tell them, “Excellent work! You rock! Let’s carve a pumpkin!”
  • In the popover for Activity in the budget, the tooltip wasn’t showing the whole value of a column, which defeats the second purpose of a tooltip (the first purpose is to make a joke).