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23 May 2016

Release Notes

  • Now, when adding a transaction, if you select a future date it doesn’t automatically close the date calendar picker. Before, it would do that, and then you wouldn’t be able to choose a frequency for your scheduled transaction.
  • We updated messaging in the category “Inspector” (the light-blue section on the right) to reflect a few more edge cases around credit card overspending, especially when the category as a whole also had some cash overspending.
  • Scheduled sub-transactions (transactions that are a part of a split) weren’t necessarily always firing. Now they are.
  • The modal that would appear when you wanted to move an account was being wonky. We’ve removed the wonk.
  • We were road blocking Windows Surface (RT/Pro) users accidentally. No longer!
  • “Budget for Upcoming” Quickbudget option is now simply a total of upcoming transactions. It doesn’t try and be any smarter than that.
  • We now detect substrings when typing to find a category during transaction adding/editing. So if you have a category called “Music/Books” and type “boo” we’ll now surface that category as an option. Before, if you’d typed “boo” we would have thought you were trying to scare us.
  • Now when adding/editing transfers, we make sure the memo shows on both sides of the transfer.
  • Now when you cancel editing a goal, the values are reset back to their original values.
  • When there is an ‘uncategorized’ row in the Budget, we weren’t allowing you to drag categories just underneath it. Now we allow that.
  • We no longer show the “Hidden” category group when there are no hidden categories.
  • And seriously, probably 30 other fixes/improvements that are still really great finds and fixes, but just too many to list here.