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23 Mar 2016

Release Notes

  • The category inspector on the right side of the Budget now shows you the amount you’ll have available in the selected category when accounting for scheduled transactions.
  • A few UI tweaks where things were wrapping to a new line when they shouldn’t have.
  • Touched up a couple of payees that shouldn’t be part of rename rules.
  • We updated some error messaging around direct connect issues to be clearer on the what and why behind banks not connecting as expected.
  • There was a bug where you’d be filtering by transactions that need approval and would categorize one as a split. The filter would immediately apply and make that split disappear, even though you were just getting started on your thoughtful categorization of said split transaction.
  • We no longer count split subtransactions as part of transaction counts. (The ‘edit’ transaction button would overstate the number of transactions actually selected.)