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23 Aug 2016

Release Notes

  • We did some behind-the-scenes stuff in preparation for our college student program with the new YNAB.
  • We worked more on the secret thing I referenced a bit ago. It’s getting better and is almost ready to be rolled out to the team, then piecemeal to you wonderful people.
  • We were mistakenly autofilling a category when entering transactions in tracking accounts. Tracking accounts don’t need a category.
  • We made some improvements around the Account Settings page so it was less confusing to do things like change your email or password.
  • We no longer import “0” check numbers. Yes, some banks populate their check # field with “0” if there isn’t a check number.
  • The dropdown for payees now sorts smarter. So, if you have 85 payees that start with some variant of “Amazon” when you start typing “Amazon” it will be at the top instead of the bottom.
  • We now correctly prevent duplicate payees if a person happens to list that same payee multiple times in a split transaction. Would that ever happen? Yes, apparently it would.