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20 Sep 2017

Release Notes

Folks, our witty release notes author, George, is taking a much needed vacation this week so the notes are going to be a bit more dry this week. Sorry! George will be back at it soon!

  • We made some welcome improvements to error messages when adding a new account. If we are having issues connecting one or more banks, we will tell you about it and give you a handy link to either our status page or a troubleshooting guide that should be helpful.
  • If your date format has a “-” in it, we previously fixed it so pressing “-” didn’t go back a day but let you type in a date with dashes in it. But this also disabled the left arrow key. So we have now restored the left arrow hotkey on the calendar for users with “-” in their date format. If your date format does not have a “-” in it, you never even knew this was a problem.
  • We fixed an issue where the selecting of existing text when editing a transaction is delayed so for some fast typers (you know who you are), the beginning of the word they’re typing gets overwritten by the rest of the word they’re typing.
  • We used to do a lot of work behind the scenes when you moved a category to another master to keep things updated. We’ve removed most of this work so things should be much faster now. Why do work when you don’t have to?
  • The text for the tooltips in the Credit Card Payments budget section have been updated to be more consistent.
  • Fixed text formatting when showing a loading message during the process of connecting an account to a bank. For those that know what “double escaping” means; yeah, that was the problem.
  • Ctrl+Click on a sidebar account to open in a new window on Windows has been fixed!
  • When entering a transaction and searching for a category, the filtered list of budget categories were not always listed in the same order as they were in your budget itself. Fixed!