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19 July 2017

Release Notes

  • We’re slowly rolling out the Payee Management feature, which got some love. Renaming a payee used in a split transaction no longer throws an error. And here’s a fun one: Go to ‘All Accounts’, then ‘Reports’, now open ‘Manage payees’. Did you get the Uh-oh! error? Of course not, because we fixed it, silly goose.
  • Direct Import got some improved connection-status and error messaging, which gives us all a bit more visibility into the quagmire that is bank-transaction aggregation.
  • Speaking of direct import, searching for your beloved financial institution now includes URLs in the results list. This should give you a bit more confidence that we’re all talking about the same bank.
  • And the direct import improvement train keeps rolling: We introduced a bunch of aliases for common search terms. For example, if you search for “FCU” we’ll return results for “Federal Credit Union” too. And we support (USPS) state postal abbreviations, too, so you can just type “MA” instead of trying to remember how to spell Massachusetts. That’s of dubious value, though, since if your financial institution is in Massachusetts, you probably live in Massachusetts. And if you live in Massachusetts, you probably know how to spell Massachusetts. (At least one would hope.)
  • When you’re adding an account, waiting for direct import to connect to your bank is now a more pleasant experience. As the various steps of the connection process complete, we update the interface to let you know things are happening. It’s the next best thing to playing the countdown music for Final Jeopardy! in the background.
  • For bank connections requiring your attention, we’ve replaced the little warning icon with a more descriptive banner. (And now we have a few thousand little warning icons laying around, collecting dust, if anyone’s in the market.)
  • We fixed an issue where starting balances were being dated “tomorrow”. Optimistic, yes, but helpful? Not so much. (For our developer friends: timezones, amirite?)
  • Other UI polish, such as indenting the splits in split transactions in the register; and suppressing the needs-category-alert icon when creating new transactions, before you’ve even had a chance to categorize it. Patience, young grasshopper.
  • Also, Jar Jar Binks is the real Phantom Menace.