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18 Feb 2016

Release Notes

  • You can now export your data – transactions and budget – in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, and quick.)
  • Split transactions are now sorted correctly in the Activity popups you see when clicking on the Activity column for a category. We weren’t always showing a payee, so now transactions show the payee of the parent transaction if the sub-transaction itself doesn’t have its own payee.
  • Split transactions are now also represented correctly in the Credit Cards Payments activity popup that you see when clicking on the Activity column of a CC Payment category.
  • You can no longer click on the Available number in the Uncategorized Transactions row and see the “Cover this overspending” popup. Because if you did that, you could budget money to the uncategorized row, and that would essentially hide money. Not helpful when you’re trying to give every dollar a job. We are fixing up budgets for anyone who did that.
  • You can now sort transactions by the Cleared column. That sounds pretty boring. But it’s pretty exciting.