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17 Nov 2016

Release Notes

  • Tidied up some errors with the newly-released search.
  • We added a scrollbar to the dropdown menu for subcategories. Some of us apparently use a very small screen, or have a very long list of categories.
  • Our new ‘help’ access point was being less than helpful in that it was blocking some of the UI for some users. We’ve fixed that. (Sorry about that one!)
  • We now show a selected total when multiple transactions are selected:

  • We also fixed sorting by flag color and a bit of keyboard navigation on the calendar dropdown when adding transactions.
  • And … Scheduled transactions just got a whole lot better. A scheduled transfer will now show up in both accounts (genius!). And, for bills that you pay early (ridiculous budgeter that you are), you’ll find “Enter Now” in the Edit menu.