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17 Feb 2016

Release Notes

  • After moving transactions from one account to another, deleting the now-empty account would delete transactions that used to be in that account. That certainly wasn’t why you moved them, so we fixed it.
  • Typing “None” for a category name could cause an internal category to be assigned that shouldn’t have been used.
  • You can now confirm your email from a mobile device. Let’s face it, that’s where you’re checking your email anyway.
  • Moved the signup bar on the login screen to the top of the screen. Where it belongs.
  • When there is an error with Direct Import, and you click the “Import” button, YNAB will no longer ask for your credentials again unless it absolutely needs them.
  • If an error happens when loading a budget, it is now handled more appropriately. Previously YNAB tried to handle it too “gracefully” and could get into a bad state where it synced incomplete data.
  • Payees imported from YNAB 4 will once again auto-fill the category when you enter a new transaction. Less typing, more budgeting!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause average QuickBudget amounts to be wrong if your first month of data changed.