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17 Aug 2017

Release Notes

  • We love mobile, especially with all its new hotness, but we had to give it a little talking to so it would play nice with payee management. If you deselected “Automatically categorize payee” option on the “Manage payees” modal then used that payee when entering a transaction on mobile, the option would be re-selected automatically. Then the next time you entered or imported transactions with that payee auto-categorization would keep auto-categorizing. That’s likely not what you wanted so we fixed it. The fix will take a short while to roll out to everyone so hold tight if you have this problem, knowing it will be fixed up soon!
  • There was a very edge-casey scenario (oh, so rare!) that could cause To Be Budgeted to get thrown off temporarily when deleting a category. No more!
  • We’ve freshened up this little nugget: humans.txt
  • More security fixes about which we shall remain hand-wavy.
  • Some good news before the bad news: we added a subtle animation when closing modals, because who doesn’t like subtle animations? (Not to get too excited, it’s more Steamboat Willie than Toy Story, more Wallace and Gromit than Fantasia, more South Park than The Wall.)
  • Now the bad news: the beloved Reconciliation Dance modal will dismiss itself after 2 seconds. We used to wait for you to click somewhere before dismissing, but that could get a bit awkward. On the upside, the auto-dismissal features a subtle animation, so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.