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16 Aug 2016

Release Notes

All the engineers are here at YNAB HQ hacking away on some cool stuff for the next two days, but wanted to get out this release!

  • We fixed the “don’t remind me option” when importing bank files. You’d tell it not to remind you, and it would just keep on reminding you anyway.
  • Inspector totals now include uncategorized amounts (when more than one category is selected).
  • We fixed exporting the full category name when…exporting.
  • In true Olympic spirit, we changed the “Real” currency to be “Brazilian Real”
  • User sent us a tweet with a nice suggestion to include a category’s note as the tooltip when hovering over a category name. Nice touch.
  • There was some strange wrapping in the budget header that we took care of. Also, a bit of shifting of UI elements when navigating months.
  • We fixed that situation where you’re sorting by the ‘cleared’ column and it wouldn’t sort by said column.
  • Did a lot of under the hood work in preparation for more mobile capabilities.
  • And we refactored computed properties! Huzzah!
  • Also, a lot of bug fixes not worthy of release notes, but worthy of an anonymous mention like this one.