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15 Nov 2016

Release Notes

Tuesday Tweaking

  • Our new Help button has been super-helpful – except when it covered the bottom of your Income v Expense report or the cleared column at the very bottom of your account. So we’ve nudged it over a bit and given you the superpower to see right through it.
  • Pro Tip: If you’re on a Mac, and the Help button is still covering your cleared column, head for Settings > General and choose one of these top two options for scrolling:

  • Speaking of scrollbars and the Income v Expense report, a horizontal scrolling bug made it difficult to see multiple months of data. Scroll to your heart’s content, it’s fixed.
  • We’re slowly rolling out a couple of enhancements for entering scheduled transactions, and today’s update incorporates some feedback from early testers. Stay tuned!
  • As always, some nifty behind-the-scenes improvements made their way in here, too.