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13 Sep 2017

Release Notes

  • In the register, when you select a payee we suggest a category based on the category you previously used for that payee. Helpful, right? But if you just hit <enter> on the auto-suggested category we’d pull the ol’ switcheroo and replace it with the category you used when last entering a transaction. So if you created a transaction with “Whole Foods” as the payee, we would auto-suggest (and highlight) the category “groceries”. But if you just hit <enter>, intending to save the auto-suggested “groceries” category, we’d save it as a different category, like “life insurance”. Maybe that’s a poor example since one could make the argument that groceries are a type of life insurance, but the app’s not that smart. Yet. Weak example notwithstanding, it’s fixed now.
  • We no longer select a partially matched payee from the list of suggestions, only exact matches. To select a partial match, you’ll have to exercise those arrow keys or (horror!) use the mouse.
  • When selecting a payee or category for a split transaction we’d shift focus to the next field to fill in (hooray!) but on the wrong sub-transaction (boo!). Somewhat disorienting, but fixed now.
  • When selecting a transfer payee, we now correctly shift focus to the memo field, not the disabled category field.
  • Manage Payees continues to grow in strength and stature: if you’re combining 10 payees or more, we’ll display a confirmation dialog to make sure that’s what you’re intending to do. Turns out that “select all” checkbox is actually a footgun.