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13 Apr 2017

Release Notes

  • When you have transactions that need to be approved or categorized we show a notification, rightly so. Now, this notification will simply bring attention to the total number of transactions needing attention and allow you to quickly filter for them.
  • Huge under the hood changes to support some big features we will be releasing in the not-too-distant future.
  • A fix for a credit card payment category activity bug that would cause returns to reduce the wrong account category balance (in some cases). We’re slowly rolling this one out but we’ll give you a heads up if and when this fix gets rolled out to your budget.
  • Alexa Skill: now, the YNAB Alexa skill will attempt to use the currency setting on the budget you have linked for responses, rather than assuming the currency type based on your physical location.
  • We are experimenting with some changes to the way we handle budget calculations that should increase the overall performance of YNAB.  Yay!