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12 July 2017

Release Notes

  • Too clever by half seems an apt description of this one. When importing transactions from your bank we used to mash together the original payee name with the memo field. The thought was this would give you a handy reference to the original in case our cleaned up version of the payee name was off. Nice touch, but it could lead to some confusion if not downright duplication, so we don’t do that anymore.
  • If you have any payee rename rules that affect incoming transactions, we now include the imported payee name in the tooltip we display when you hover over the payee field in the account register. Think of this as the xkcd tooltip of the budgeting world.
  • We’ve improved duplicate detection when direct importing transactions from your bank. This kind of thing is conspicuous only in its absence. Like that single, crisp dollar bill your grandmother included in every birthday card she sent.
  • We noticed some folks were missing Credit Card Payment categories which caused errors when selecting credit card accounts. We fixed that. Please accept this joke as an apology: What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
  • For budgets using non-decimal currencies, search results weren’t including inflow/outflow queries. Now they do and all is right with the world.