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12 Feb 2016

Release Notes

  • Transactions are now automatically accepted when they are reconciled. (Not doing this previously caused some filters to tell you that you had transactions that needed to be accepted, but clicking on the filter wouldn’t show anything. We are in the process of cleaning this up for existing budgets that have “unaccepted” reconciled transactions.
  • Older mobile applications could cause scheduled transfers to get broken and duplicated. YNAB now prevents that from happening, but we are going to be cleaning up existing “orphaned”¬†transfers transactions and removing any duplicates we find.
  • Older mobile applications could cause split transactions to have their “sub” transactions duplicated for a few budgets. We are in the process of removing those for affected budgets.
  • Direct Import no longer allows blank or empty answers to be submitted when the bank asks for more credentials.
  • Upgraded a few things on the server behind the scenes.