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11 Oct 2017

Release Notes

What’s New

  • The new “My Account” design is making its debut. But it’s not like some prim and stuffy coming out party. Or maybe it is, but only after The Lady Chablis saunters in.


  • Nothing in particular to call out here. Just the normal paying down some technical debt and implementing performance efficiencies. (Of note for you technically leaning YNABers, Taylor cut our IO load on Postgres by about half. BANG!)

Bug Fixes

  • More Safari 11 fixes. Just like last time, only more. Hopefully this covers all the places you could get it into an infinite select-text/focus-field loop in Safari. Kindly let us know if you stumble across any wayward squatters. As a reward you’ll get to read about it in the next release notes, warmed by the knowledge that “Hey! I told them about that!”
  • Some Apple subscribers were running into an issue where they got charged for the subscription but the app was telling them they weren’t subscribed. Frustrating, to say the least. I apologize for that issue. This release fixes it (he said, furtively crossing his fingers).