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01 Aug 2017

Release Notes

  • Our new Payee Management feature is now available to everyone!
  • Quick Budget: When you have no categories selected, the Quick Budget amounts previously only included values for categories that weren’t budgeted ($0.00). Now we include values across the entire budget. Please note, if you use a Quick Budget option with no categories selected we’ll still only budget un-budgeted categories ($0.00). It has worked this way for a long time and will continue to do so. This will save you the frustration of budgeting a bunch of stuff then clicking “Average Spent” which otherwise would have blown away all the work you just did, which you might not have intended.
  • For those of you with a keen (or even indifferent) design aesthetic, the account widget now uses all the available vertical space. This was only noticeable on bank connections with a bunch of accounts. Awkward whitespace no more.
  • When managing payees we now default the combined payee to be the first payee you actively selected.
  • We fixed the sort order of hidden categories. This is tantamount to grooming your dust bunnies. Most people won’t look under the couch, but if they do, your dust bunnies will be on point.