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1 Apr 2016

Release Notes

  • Some of the goal warning text was confusing. One even just said, “TRUE.” True? Yes. Helpful? Not so much.
  • We’re now correctly excluding split parent transactions in the credit card payment category’s activity popup.
  • We’re timestamping when accounts last directly imported so we can get a bead on uptime, stability, error states, etc.
  • Now, when you click on an available category balance, the Move Money popup that appears is so much better. You can start typing the destination category and YNAB will find it.
  • We’ve feature-flagged the start of a faster calculation engine, which means full YNAB 4 imports. Feature-flagging it will let us test it gradually. We’ll slowly be turning the feature on for users as our stress tests come back not stressful. You’ll see in the app when it’s turned on for you. You’ll also notice it, because all the things will be faster.
  • We fixed a bug with imported transfer transactions and their matching.
  • We found some instances of some hidden categories that look like they were at the bottom of your category list instead of being hidden, and are fixing those instances.
  • We also accidentally introduced a new bug: Hitting the “C” key when you have a transaction selected will result in an error. Sorry about that! We’ve fixed it already.