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09 Mar 2017

Release Notes

  • When you bulk categorize transactions, we now have that update the Autofill Learning that is used for subsequent smarter categorization of transactions as they’re imported. (Basically, what you expected to happen more often will now happen more often.)
  • Those checkboxes…You’d click one…two…nine… and then on that tenth and final checkbox you’d just barely miss it. This would, much to your chagrin (and mine) deselect all of your other checkboxing work. Now we’ve made those checkbox click targets much larger. Thank goodness.
  • We had a nasty bug around undoing a split transfer. That bug has been eradicated.
  • We did a lot of other important stuff behind the scenes! The largest portion of work is still only releasable in one fell swoop. Can’t wait to get in your hands, but it’ll be a while yet.