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07 June 2017

Release Notes

  • In our 25 May 2017 release, we mentioned we were slowly rolling out a new feature to help with managing your payee list. We’ve collected great feedback so far and made some nice improvements and bug fixes. With these changes in place, we will be able to release this to more users.
  • Since the last update, when adding new payee names, you might have noticed that special characters like ‘ & % >, etc. were showing as &#x60, &, or >, and other such gobbledygook. These are actually HTML character codes being encoded improperly, not some fancy new way of bleeping out swear words. Regardless, we’ve washed the payee fields mouth out with soap and will no longer show those codes.
  • When adding new accounts, we try to help with some sensible capitalization defaults for the account name. Unfortunately, there were some cApitalizatioN bugs (!), but we’ve fixed them.
  • A style fix to the sidebar that was causing the account list to blend with the items at the bottom and make them unreadable.
  • Quite a few other behind the scenes fixes to keep things running smooth.