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07 July 2017

Release Notes

Yesterday morning we started seeing reports of transactions importing without payee/memo information, as well as some duplicate transactions. We temporarily paused transaction importing to prevent more errant transactions from being created while we worked with our direct import partner to diagnose and fix the issue. Unfortunately we were a little late to the party as many YNABers had already imported some of these wayward transactions.

Thankfully our direct import partner quickly fixed the bug that caused this issue. That said, we’re releasing some tweaks to YNAB to prevent more of these ne’er-do-well transactions from being imported in the future.

Transaction imports are now running at full capacity and will very likely be caught up by the time you read this. Unless you’re a really fast reader, in which case transaction imports are now running at full capacity and will very likely be caught up by the time our slower (but much beloved!) readers finish this paragraph.

We’ve removed many of the offending transactions (those that were already downloaded and waiting to be imported into an account), but there might still be some laying around. If you see any duplicate transactions the next time you import, just delete them to get back to budgeting. (Pro Tip: use the search to find all transactions that need approval with “Is: Unapproved”.) If you’re still seeing duplicate transactions in subsequent imports, please contact [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted, posthaste.

Finally, please accept our apology for this little kerfuffle (or curfuffle if you live near Graham). As we mentioned above, we’re doing our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for understanding and have a great weekend 🙂