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07 Aug 2017

Release Notes

  • The Net Worth report excludes closed accounts. When you close an account you transfer the balance to another account, so everything’s accounted for.
  • We have no official position on ending sentences with prepositions.
  • We fixed an issue with matched transactions that prevented them from being approved.
  • When fresh starting a budget we append to its name the date your old budget was archived. The only problem was we were using UTC time to determine the date. Those of you who’ve had the unmitigated pleasure of dealing with time zones are now gently nodding your heads in knowing assent. Those of you who don’t know that particular joy: sometimes our dates were a day off. Regardless of which camp you’re in, we now use local time so this issue is behind us. Get thee behind me, time zones.
  • Cursors have been foiled again. (Snidely Whiplash anyone?) Cursor styles on the register and budget now more closely follow web standards. You know, things like the pointy hand for things you can select, and I-beam pointers where you can enter text. (Whoever named the “I-beam pointer” phoned it in that day. Or maybe the rockstar who named the octothorpe had the day off.)
  • If you use the Grammarly extension with Chrome, your going to love this one: you’re budget totals should be back in alignment.
  • We no longer show the “cleared” icon/column for scheduled transactions. We weren’t saving it anyway so this was misleading, which is out of character for us. Apologies.
  • It’s tougher than you think to work the word “splash” into release notes. Well, maybe not if you’re not overly concerned with subtlety.