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02 Oct 2017

Release Notes

What’s new

  • Not much, just a couple of improvements and a bug fix. What’s new with you?


  • We had changed the payee-selection behavior to prioritize the payee name you typed, as opposed to auto-selecting the first match. This made it easier to create new payees. Well, swayed by your feedback, we’ve changed our minds. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say you changed our minds. Regardless, now we auto-select the first matching payee so you can simply hit the <enter> key and move on with your life. As a result, you’ll now have to explicitly select “Create ‘[payee name]’ payee” to create a new one.
  • When you select a future date while creating a transaction in your account register, you’re most likely creating a recurring transaction so we no longer close the date picker and focus on the payee field, forcing you to go back to the date picker to select a frequency. Now the date picker remains open, patient awaiting your choice of repeat-frequency. It’s UX with a better X. UX, if you will.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the previous month listed on the inspector when a category is selected wasn’t always the actual previous month. Apparently the order of months on the Julian calendar is significant. Who knew?