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01 June 2017

Release Notes

  • We’ve made some fixes to our data retention job to handle some rare, edge-case issues we have encountered recently. Per our data retention policy, we periodically delete the accounts and data of people who have moved on from YNAB. (If you’re not using the software you likely don’t want us hanging on to your data.) If your trial expired over 120 days ago or your subscription expired over three years ago, we’ll delete your account. But rest assured, Prodigal Son, you will always be welcomed back with open arms.
  • For new users, we won’t show your Age of Money number before it’s ready. If you miss the question marks we used to show as a teaser, please copy and save these question marks for later use: ???
  • Now that reports have been out the door for a while and we no longer run the risk of incurring the likes of “What?!? No reports and you’re wasting your time futzing around with favicons?!?!”, we’ve updated our favicons. New, higher resolution, and more device-specific. If you don’t care, kindly take a minute to be happy for our friends like Ivan who’s running the app in Linux Gnome Web browser on a HighDPI display. This will make their days just a tiny bit brighter (and less blurry).
  • The credit card payment flow got some love in terms of transaction import and matching: payee rename rules now work for transfers; imported transactions and transfers created from other imported transactions can now be manually matched; and when changing a transaction to a transfer, we will now perform matching on the target transfer account. Not exactly the kind of stuff that lends itself to a cute joke so we’ll just leave it at that. We’re rolling this change out slowly so if you aren’t lucky enough to have it early, you will soon!
  • We’ve removed the option to manually match an imported transaction to a scheduled transaction since it doesn’t really make sense. The scheduled transaction isn’t a real transaction. To which the scheduled transaction exclaims, “I’m a real boy!”
  • We continue tightening up the communications between the server and the apps. Now’s not the time for a Snapchat Story. We’re looking for something more like a Tweet. And an original Tweet at that, when 140-characters meant 140-characters.
  • Speaking of communications between the server and the apps, we’ve cut down superfluous syncs. No need for the chitchat if there’s nothing to say. This is YNAB, not Facebook.
  • The “secret sauce” continues to reduce, becoming thicker and more concentrated. Because no one likes their new features watery and underflavored.