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Meet Jesse

YNAB Founder

Jesse Mecham is a personal finance expert and founder of YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Jesse hosts the top-rated financial podcast You Need A Budget (8 million downloads), as well as the business owners’ guide to managing cash flow, the Beginning Balance Podcast. He is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of You Need A Budget and is regularly quoted in the media as a money management expert – Forbes, New York Times, CNBC, and Business Insider have featured him – to name a few!

Jesse started YNAB in 2004, and back then, it was just a lil' bitty spreadsheet that helped him (a self proclaimed cash-strapped, newly married college student) cover the cost of his textbooks without going into debt. Nearly two decades later, The TODAY Show described YNAB as a “cult-favorite,” and the YNABverse continues to expand – amassing passionate fan communities on every corner of the internet (that combined are larger than the population of Charleston). Every day they share stories of demolishing debt, paying for cars in cash, or quadrupling their net worth.

YNAB the company is home to a fast-growing team living and working all around the world, and has built a thriving remote culture that earned recognition as Fortune’s #1 best small company to work for. (YNAB was doing remote work before it was cool!).

When not teaching the YNAB Method – four habits to help people spend, save and give without guilt or second-guessing –Jesse loves gardening, woodworking, marksmanship, and travel. He also spends a good bit of time with his wife and their seven children – yes, seven!

To learn more, visit

Meet Todd


Todd Curtis is the CEO of YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Armed with a degree in history from Colby College and a doctorate in education from Boston College, Todd has navigated many professional endeavors but all have led him on the pursuit of one unified goal — to equip others with the tools they need to lead a fulfilled life. 

Todd spent nearly two decades working in education which uniquely positioned him to join YNAB and establish an award-winning customer support team. He then went on to spearhead the product development side of YNAB before assuming his current role as CEO. Today, he spends his time obsessing over two things: Spreading the YNAB method far and wide, and nurturing a culture of excellence within the YNAB team. 

Residing in New England with his wife and three children, Todd finds joy in his hobbies of running (a lot), savoring coffee, and tending to his garden.

Meet Sarah

@ynabofficial on tiktok

Sarah Schweisthal is a beloved personality at YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Celebrated for her educational and actionable money content, Sarah captivates audiences on TikTok @YNABOfficial with over half a million followers and counting. 

As seen on CBS News, Associated Press, and New York Post, Sarah is a money maven whose expertise has helped hundreds of thousands of people gain confidence in their spending (and saving) habits. When she’s not going viral on social media for her grocery shopping tips or money saving challenges, Sarah spends time with her husband and two children as a family of traveling nomads exploring the country together in their RV home. 

Learn more about YNAB at and follow Sarah on TikTok @YNABOfficial and Instagram @YouNeedABudget.

Meet Ben M.

Sketchy Advice on YouTube @Ynabofficial

Ben Markley is an expert on all things money behavior at YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Ben is a crowd-favorite personality behind ”Sketchy Advice“ on the YouTube account @YNABOfficial where his videos captivate viewers by breaking down often complicated headlines like the SVB collapse and AI technology in a uniquely entertaining way. When it comes to trending money news, USA TODAY, Fast Company, and more have turned to Ben for expertise on everything from inflation to Buy Now Pay Later.

Before discovering YNAB, Ben spent years burdened by second-guessing when it came to money, questioning “can I actually afford this?” after every purchase. Today, he is leading by example and demonstrating how the right money habits can change your relationship with money for good. Based in Kansas with his wife and son, Ben enjoys hiking, reading fantasy books, and making music.

Learn more about YNAB at

Meet Ashley

@TheOrganizedWallet on TikTok

Ashley Lapato is a money and lifestyle expert for YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. After spending years believing that she was just “bad with money” before finding YNAB, Ashley is now on a mission to teach others that money management is a skill—one that is never too late to learn.

Ashley has earned a reputation on TikTok @TheOrganizedWallet (85K followers) for a refreshingly relatable approach to money, which has helped hundreds of thousands learn to organize their finances and spend with confidence. When she’s not promoting mindful money habits, Ashley enjoys reading, photography, pretending to be an outdoor girl with her husband, and cuddling with their two cats.

Learn more about YNAB at

Meet Ben B.

the budget nerds

Ben Barlowe is a renowned personality at YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Most recognize Ben from the weekly podcast he hosts with fellow YNAB educator Ernie Reppe, called Budget Nerds.

YNAB helped Ben build a life without financial fear and today, he is helping others do the same by teaching them how to apply the YNAB method to achieve their money goals. When he’s not obsessing over teaching the YNAB method to the masses, Ben loves playing poker, D&D, and board games with his friends. He also loves hiking, swimming, and trying not to break his arm on his Onewheel.

Learn more about YNAB at

Meet Ernie

the budget nerds

Ernie Reppe is a fan favorite educator YNAB, an app with a simple set of habits to help people change the way they think about money. Ernie is one-half of the dynamic duo behind Budget Nerds, a bi-weekly podcast he hosts with fellow YNAB educator Ben Barlowe.

For novice and seasoned YNABers alike, Ernie is a trusted resource for learning about how to leverage the YNAB method to change your relationship with money for good. When he’s not empowering money confidence among his community, Ernie takes pride in tending to his lawn and cheering on the Minnesota Vikings.

Learn more about YNAB at

Meet Hannah

Heard it from Hannah on YouTube @Ynabofficial

Hannah Maser is a YNAB celebrity in her own right. Known for her popular YouTube series “Heard it from Hannah” on the account @YNABOfficial, she has earned a reputation for her light-hearted approach to money. With millions of collective views, Hannah has built a community for people to feel safe learning and talking about their relationship with money.

Through YNAB, Hannah has learned money is not something to be feared, but a resource to help us enjoy life to the fullest. From managing money with a partner to building an emergency fund, Hannah is normalizing “taboo” money topics and challenging financial norms one video at a time. When she’s not busy making money puns, Hannah spends her time disc golfing, eating ice cream, and shoe shopping with her husband.