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What Makes You Feel Rich?

What gives you those rich tingles? Owning a Rolls Royce? Paying with a heavy credit card?

Hogwash. We asked our YNAB community what makes them feel rich and neither of those things made the list (also we saw no mention of BMWs, yachts, or a buffet of caviar). Here’s what you guys did say:

I Feel Rich When...

I Forget It’s Payday

I’m not afraid to open my mail anymore!
I no longer wish for payday to hurry up. That to me is rich.
When payday creeps up on you, and you didn’t even realize it because you no longer count down the days to payday.

I’m Able to Give

When I can buy my mom an almost $500 plane ticket without a second thought so she can come visit for Thanksgiving!!
I hear of a need (food, clothing, electric bill, or whatever), and I’m able to give without thought.
I’m able to send flowers to a friend, just because.

I Can Afford Small Luxuries

I have yummy smelling hand soap in my bathrooms. 
Being able to stop for coffee in the morning whenever I feel like it.
Being able to get the good cheese. 
I get guacamole with my Chipotle burrito.
I always told myself when I was young that if I could just have more than one pair of Birkenstocks I’d feel like I’d made it. Today, we have a healthy emergency fund, no debt, we’re a month ahead, and fairly on track for retirement. But it’s the four pairs of Birkenstocks in my closet that make me feel rich.
-Nicole D

I Can Buy Time

When I'm overwhelmed, I have money set aside to pay to have my laundry done. I have so much peace of mind knowing I can outsource that one dreaded task when I need to.
I’m able to work very part time and be home most of the week for my family, because my finances are planned out. It’s a real luxury to be able to be home when my kids are done with school each day.
I can lose a job or quit a job and have enough savings to not have to rush out and find a new job. 

I Feel Peace

I can sleep at night and not worry about bills.
Spending money without guilt or fear. I love shopping for presents, decorating, and buying seasonal treats. It will be my first credit-free Christmas and it’s going to feel so good!
Feeling grateful and free is how I would describe it now. Every day since finding YNAB. Sounds sappy, but true.
It will be my first credit-free Christmas and it’s going to feel so good!

I Can Pay for Unexpected Expenses

I feel rich anytime I can dip into my emergency fund instead of going into debt when unexpected bills come up. 
When my husband calls me with an expense—tools, tuition, fees, equipment, whatever—and I can tell him "don't worry about it babe, we can easily cover it.

I Can Afford Experiences

Being able to travel to visit my family and friends in all their far-flung cities!! 
Having a vacation fully budgeted and knowing you can splurge and pamper yourself without worrying.

I Can Make My Dreams Happen 

Waking up in my home. We bought our first single family home last month.
When I'm able to realize the home renovation project I've been dreaming about without a single cent of debt.
When my true expenses categories are all well stocked and I have excess to put towards my wish farm.

Honorable mention:

I feel rich when I look at my bank account four years into YNAB

In reading through these responses, it seems like rich might be less about stuff, less about a specific dollar amount, and more a feeling of being in control of your finances. We like the sound of that.

Have you felt a lot richer since starting YNAB? Spread the love, share with a friend!

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