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6 YNAB Hacks You Might Not Know Existed

Plus how to add emojis in YNAB!

Learn how to add emojis in YNAB, search on mobile, and more! These hacks will have you budgeting with more efficiency than a Tim Ferriss fanboy.

YNAB Mobile Hacks

Did you know in YNAB you could…

1. Add Emojis

Anywhere you can add text in YNAB, you can add emojis. The easiest route is through an app on your phone or tablet.

Here’s how to do it on mobile:

  1. Tap the Category
  2. Tap Details
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Rename Category
  4. Use your keyboard emojis to add some flair to YNAB

You can add them to any Category names—in fact—you can add more than one! Go crazy!

You can add them to Account names, Notes, and Memos, oh my!

2. Search Like Crazy

You want to know how many times you talked to your friendly neighborhood barista in the last month? No problem. Just start typing in the search field on desktop or mobile (viewable in Accounts>All Accounts) and YNAB will help you find exactly what you are looking for:

3. View All Scheduled Transactions In One Place

Are a lot of your bills on autopay across multiple accounts? Ever wish you could see them all at a glance? We are all about granting wishes here at YNAB! Just head on over to Accounts>All Accounts.

YNAB Web App Goodies

We’ve even got a bagful of extra features that are available from the web app. Fire up your laptop and check out these handy tricks.

4. Get More Info On Your Income Sources

Ever wonder how much you’re bringing in from each of your income sources?  The Income v Expense report can be viewed from the web app, and it has all the answers. Open up your reports to see all your sources based on the payee information entered in the register.

What’s really cool is you can see the averages and totals for each income source on the right. Isn’t looking at income so much more fun than looking at expenses!?

5. Undo And Redo

Chances are there’s been a time where you really wished this existed. This little feature flies under the radar but when you need it, you need it. And here it is, available on the web app from your laptop or desktop:

Keep in mind YNAB can only undo or redo what’s happened in a current session.  If you refresh or logout, it can’t go back beyond that point.

6. You Need a Budget…For You!

Team YNAB is pleased to announce a new feature that can help create a budget that is unique, just like you. Check out a new feature we debuted in April…

…April 1, that is. We couldn’t help but give you one trick among all these treats.

Enjoy your new undoing/redoing, added use of the avocado emoji, and searching and analyzing your income sources. And yep, we’ll keep dreaming of live push notifications too. Happy hacking!

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6 YNAB Hacks You Might Not Know Existed