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Short on cash? Sell your stuff.

Kate and I have come to love CrossFit-style workouts over the last few months. We’ve had an in-kind membership at the local “box”, but the owner of the gym has decided not to do trades for memberships anymore (which I don’t begrudge him; I think it’s a wise move).

Problem is, Kate and I find ourselves irritable and a little depressed if we don’t start our mornings by picking heavy things up off the ground. So, we’re looking to get our own little CrossFit gym set up in the garage.

Yes, you can do some things on the cheap. But most CrossFit gear is pricey. You can find it used if you’re very patient. We’ve decided we don’t want to miss a couple of months of exercise while we watch the local classifieds for used gear, so we’re going to buy much of our our CrossFit starter kit new. Our “getting started” list totals about $800.

But where will the money come from? Selling stuff.

Kate and I have never been buyers or sellers of used stuff (ie we’ve wasted a lot of money), and we’re excited to leverage our junk into useful equipment.

Here’s what we found we could sell:

*Suddenly it seems like I’m trying to sell you my stuff. I’m not; I just throw this list out in hopes of inspiring your own list of stuff you could sell.

Treadmill: $500

We bought this for $2,500 6 years ago, and used it a ton, but our interests have shifted toward weight-based exercise. Yes, I find it hilarious that we bought a $2,500 treadmill, but it is a really nice one.

TV: $300

Bought for $500 about 10 months ago (after my daughter smashed the old TV with a sippy cup). We’re only using the TV about 3 hours per week right now, and we can use a computer monitor instead.

“Bob” jogging stroller: $100

Bought for $350 six years ago. Nobody in our family is willing to ride in it anymore. Well, I’m willing, but no one seems up for the job of pushing me around in the thing on our Sunday afternoon walks.

Down comforter: $40

I think Kate paid $100 for this a few months back, and we never use it (even now that the thermostat is set to 64 at night). Interesting sidenote: did you know the cover of the comforter is considered a totally different thing? Fascinating. Apparently we’re only selling the comforter, and not the cover thing.

“Insanity” workout DVDs: $30

Already sold them. I felt so entrepreneurial and savvy turning my stuff into cash.

Surround sound system: $50

I bought this for $200 seven years ago and have barely used it.

Mark’s Android Phone: $40

Exciting developments here: I no longer need my Android phone. I think that’s all I can say for now. :)

Total (hoped for) Profit: $1,060

Two questions for those of you who’ve sold your stuff before:

1. What were some of your most profitable items? Any tips for getting top dollar for your stuff?

2. What do you think of my prices? Think I’ll get what I’m asking for this stuff?

Here’s to emptying out the basement and storage unit for fun and profit.

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Short on cash? Sell your stuff.