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Spoiler: The pink Toyota wasn’t worth it.

The day has finally arrived. Our new podcast series, Debt Stories: Real People Beating Debt & Winning Financially, is out in the wild! In these special interviews, you’ll meet YNABers who faced financial obstacles, both large and small, to get rid of their debt—so their money can start doing what they really want it to do.

The star of today’s show is Angela. Her debt story started with a new house and a shiny, new, pink Toyota. Toss in a coffee shop habit, and her family was in deep. $85,000 deep. Tune in to find out how they turned things around.

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Angela's family

Angela and her family.

The pink Toyota!

The pink Toyota!

Their first home.

Their first home … yeah, that one.

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Do You Have a Debt Story?

Wanna know what’s better than an amazing debt makeover story? Several debt makeover stories! If you’re a YNABer and you’d be willing to let Jesse interview you for a future episode, write to us at Give us a short paragraph or a few bullets about your financial hurdles, and how you overcame them.

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Listen to Angela's Debt Story