Dealing with $263k in Debt, Job Loss & the Unknown

How Brittany reframed money “problems” as “challenges” and got her life back.

Brittany and Keith live in Marietta, Georgia with their two young children, and they’d racked up $263,000 of debt—a number that used to keep Brittany awake at night (and that was before her husband lost his job as a train dispatcher, and she quit her full-time job to freelance).

Still, in spite of major transitions, they’re keeping the trains going. They’re making progress on their debt, padding the bank account and prioritizing an enjoyable life for their family (a non-negotiable to get everyone on board with the budget!).

Tune in to this episode of Debt Stories to hear how Brittany and Keith have finally gotten their finances on the right track:

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Dealing with $263k in Debt, Job Loss & the Unknown