They Paid off $30,000 in 3 Years on a $60k Salary

“I still have worries in life, but none of them are money-related.”

Daniel and his wife paid off $30,000 of debt in three years, and it was all about choices. He said, “It's not about finding one place to save $100. You try to find a hundred places to save $1. If you can find a place to cut back, that's a place where you can use that money to move yourself ahead in life …”

Now, with a load of debt gone and an Age of Money of 50 days, life is feeling a lot sweeter in Daniel’s household. Tune into this episode of Debt Stories to find out exactly where he and his wife decided to save all of those dollars—did they turn up the air conditioning or cancel Amazon Prime? Find out ...

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They Paid off $30,000 in 3 Years on a $60k Salary